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Kahi Accessories

All the kit you need to get started with Kahi.
Kahi Vehicle Gateway
Kahi Vehicle Gateway (KVG) is a forward and rear facing dash cam that connects to the OBD port of the vehicle. The KVG reports real-time vehicle diagnostics along with driver analytics and reporting. The KVG scans for the Kahi Beacons while in tra...
Batteries (100 pack)
100 pack of replacement batteries
Screws (100 pack)
2 screws required per beacon
Asset Beacons (20 pack)
$300.00 $350.00
Asset beacons are attached to your equipment to enable tracking with the Kahi platform. Batteries and mounting hardware included.
Batteries (5 pack)
5 pack of replacement batteries
OBD2 Splitter
Male to Female Y splitter extension
Kahi Hale (Fixed Gateway)
The Kahi Fixed Gateway is designed to be installed at your warehouse location to provide beacons scanning while your assets are at home.