Automated Asset Intelligence

Kahi ensures you know where your assets are while learning their unique behaviour.

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A smarter, simpler way to manage assets.

Do your asset deployment logs consist of a set of blurry scans, illegible hand-written scratches or will-get-that-to-you-later IOU promises?

Are you tired of chasing people down for their reports when you are under-the-gun to produce that 24 Hour claim, an Xactimate report or those pending Invoices?

Have you ever received a call from a client asking “When will you come and remove this equipment from my home. It’s been here for week!”?

Asset intelligence without manual input.


Access up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your equipment. Drive meaningful data and reporting without technician input.


Timely notifications ensure you maintain exceptional customer service, maximize equipment utilization, eliminate unnecessary wear-and-tear and keep the billing cycle short.


Our robust API integrates with job management, accounting and other software systems to improve workflow automation and better inform decision-making.

Near Real-Time Tracking

See your assets in transit and on your job sites. Perform audits and run discretionary reports with up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive history.

Mobile App

iOS and Android mobile apps help you quickly provision beacons, install mobile gateways and deploy your assets in the field with minimal instruction.

API & Integrations

The Kahi platform with its REST API and webhooks was designed to accept inputs from other systems and then to share collected data with consumers such as Job Management, Accounting or vendor-specific integrations.

Kahi X Encircle

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Kahi Gateways & Beacons

Everything you need to stay informed on the location & status of your equipment.

  • Monitor

    Discreetly monitor expensive equipment.

  • Prevent

    Prevent equipment theft and unnecessary losses.

  • Save

    Reduce overhead costs involved with manual equipment management.

  • Trust

    Trust in Kahi’s durable IP67 rated, weather-resistant beacons to reliably communicate data.

Additional Features

Our product offering ensures your asset data is always accurate, reliable, & connected.
Multi Location

Single or multi-warehouse locations support.

Control which users see what assets.

Be alerted to unusual behaviour and critical notifications across all locations.

Notifications & Reports

Aggregate data and access useful metrics. 

Pre-configured generic reports assist you with what assets are on a site & for how long.

Utilize canned reports to produce job history. Use summary data to evaluate past utilization and plan for the future.

Telematics & Fleet Oversight

Integration partner Raven Connected drives Kahi telematics and fleet-tracking. 

AI-powered cabin and road-facing cameras detect, stream and record in real-time and provide event alerts.