Kahi Tracking Equipment

Everything You Need to Automatically Collect Field Data for Property Restoration Jobs

Warehouse Gateway

The Kahi Fixed Gateway is designed to be installed at your warehouse location to provide beacons scanning while your assets are at home.

Vehicle Gateway

Simplify your operations with our hassle-free solution for automating your asset and fleet management systems. Introducing the Kahi Vehicle Gateway, the seamless way to automate fleet and asset tracking.

trailer gateway


Trailer Gateway

Designed specifically for storm chasers and those handling large loss operations, Kahi’s upcoming trailer gateway is coming soon. Picture it as a "mobile warehouse" swiftly deploying resources to tackle storms – handling large-scale losses will be nothing but a breeze! And that's not all, we have an array of cutting-edge environmental sensors, robust GPS trackers, and even a mobile app in the works. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Mobile Gateway

Kahi-Enabled Raven

Kahi-Enabled Raven is a forward and rear facing dash cam that connects to the OBD port of the vehicle and scans for the Kahi Beacons while in transit.

The unit reports real-time vehicle diagnostics along with driver analytics and reporting.

Kahi Enviro Sensor

Coming Soon!

Enviro Sensor

Trust in Kahi Enviro Sensors to streamline your property restoration processes. With our advanced monitoring technology, you can restore properties faster, mitigate risks, and deliver exceptional results to your clients.

Asset Tracking Beacons

Asset beacons are attached to your equipment to enable tracking with the Kahi platform.

Batteries and mounting hardware included.
Kahi Beacons
Kahi Inventory Tag

Inventory Tags

Document detailed asset identifiers and seamlessly relay available equipment to your Job Management Software.