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Kahi Trailer Gateway
Tailored for storm chasers and those handling large loss operations, our trailer gateway is your indispensable companion for navigating challenging environments. Turn your trailer into a mobile command centre, effortlessly coordinating resources to tackle and manage large-scale losses with precision and ease.

Designed to support large-scale deployments and extended field operations, our trailer gateways serve as dynamic hubs for tracking assets in even the most remote locations.


Effortless Tracking

Our trailer gateway provides real-time GPS data on both trailer location and tracked assets. Whether it's equipment leaving or returning to the trailer, you'll have complete visibility every step of the way.


Seamless Deployment

Assets are considered "at home" when stationed at the trailer, ready to be deployed to job sites with ease. Say goodbye to logistical hassles – managing resources has never been simpler.

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Reliable Positioning

Even in areas with limited GPS availability, our system relies on cellular positioning as primary sources of location data. Rest assured, you'll never lose track of your assets.


Trailer Solar Power Kit*

*Solar power kit not included