Kahi-Enabled Raven

Connecting your remote field operations with Video Telematics and Beacon Monitoring.

All of your equipment in one location

LTE-connected Kahi-Enabled Raven keeps eyes on the field with a road and cabin-facing dash cam. Drawing power and data from the vehicle's OBDII port, the Kahi-Enabled Raven relays real-time vehicle tracking, diagnostics, driver analytics, and reporting, ensuring you never miss pertinent operational information.

While in transit, the Kahi-Enabled Raven scans for Kahi Beacons, helping you keep tabs on your assets.


How it Works

Asset 6-1
The Kahi Warehouse Gateway is installed at your warehouse location to provide beacon scanning while your assets are at home.
Asset 4
The Kahi-Enabled Raven scans for Kahi Beacons while in transit and reports on location as assets deploy and demobilize from sites.
Asset 7
Vehicles equipped with the Kahi-Enabled Raven continuously scan for Kahi Beacons. Any nearby beacons are discoverable when these vehicles are nearby.

Automate Your Fleet Maintenance

Your Kahi-Enabled Raven seamlessly relays real-time telematics to Fleetio, automatically scheduling maintenance and repairs all while continuously monitoring the health and diagnostics of your vehicles. Reduce operational burden with this plug-and-play solution to automating your fleet management system.

Supercharge your Fleetio Account with Kahi-Enabled Raven
This integration is included with the monthly Kahi-Enabled Raven subscription. Fleetio subscription not included.
Kahi-Enabled Raven Features
Live & Historic Tracking
Live GPS Tracking
Real-Time Alerts
ODBII Telematics
Parked Security
Trip History
Facial Recognition
Dispatch Messaging
Critical Event Cloud Video
Mobile & Web Applications

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