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5 ways the Kahi x Encircle integration makes your job easier:
ai plate scanner

Eliminates data integrity issues due to human error by leveraging our image AI ID plate tool


Speeds up payment process by validating the actual make and model of the equipment that was deployed to a job


Eliminates lost or stolen assets with our notification alerts


Reduces workflow interruptions for onsite technicians

auto track

With our integration, it's a fully automated tracking solution

Encircle Integrates with All Kahi Solutions

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Base Plan

With Kahi's Inventory solution, your technician can take a picture of the asset's ID plate, and our technology with automatically gather the info on the ID plate, which can include the asset's:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Specs
  • Power Info
  • Serial Number
This information is then automatically updated in your Encircle equipment list.

Standard Plan

With Kahi's full tracking capabilities, you get all the perks of Inventory with the addition of beacons that are attached to each asset. These beacons provide automatic asset tracking for near-live location updates.

Creating location-based claims in Encircle automatically generates a geo-fence in the Kahi app. When your technician arrives at a job site, Kahi recognizes the site and automatically tracks equipment within the geo-fence.

Kahi Tracking provides full equipment utilization reporting for each job site and is a crucial tool for loss prevention. No more lost or orphaned assets.

Discover More Kahi Integrations

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Eliminate human error and have your team spend more time doing what they do best.

✓ Keep track of where your assets are without manual tracking
✓ Provide near-live updates of fleet availability and job capacity
✓ Improve workflow and decision making
✓ Integrate with job management accounting, and other software systems