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Encircle Plan

$0/mo (included in your Encircle plan)

Current Plan

Perfect for businesses looking to manage in-house inventory and assets.

  • Checkmark Unlimited inventory assets
  • Checkmark Unlimited user accounts
  • Checkmark Unlimited warehouse locations
  • Checkmark Warranty and Receipt Tracking
  • Checkmark Premium onboarding support

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Do I need to purchase any hardware for the Encircle Plan?

No, you don't. In this pricing tier, you can only inventory your assets without tracking.

How is the Tracking Plan billed?

The standard plan requires hardware purchase. We bill an account $150/month per warehouse location. Additional purchases may include our Kahi Vehicle Gateway tracker which is $30/month.

How does Kahi Tracking work?

Kahi tracks your assets in two main locations, the warehouse and field locations.

An assets with an affixed Kahi Beacon connects to a gateway solution.

The Kahi Hale is our warehouse gateway solution and searches within your warehouse for an asset and updates in Kahi platforms.

The Kahi Vehicle Gateway is our mobile gateway solution that searches for assets in the truck and updates the Kahi platforms.

Can I change back to the Encircle Plan?

Yes you can. Although we would love to make it right if we missed out on your expectation. Contact our support team and we can discuss your new plan options.

Will I get a refund on my hardware if I change back to the Encircle plan?

@Janelle since you sent this one in Imma let you take it. I think...

Our product demos are set in place to make sure this rarely happens. That's why after a custom quote, we always follow up with a call. If there is any reason why you remain unhappy with the new plan. please reach out to our support team for more details.

Does Kahi have any other integrations?

Yes we do! In addition to the Encircle integration, Kahi is partnering with industry leaders in the restoration space. 

Find out more about our integrations here

How will I be billed as an Encircle customer if I upgrade?

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