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Kahi Smart Asset Tracking System

Boost Work Output with Better Asset Management

Unlock the potential of your assets with a smarter, simpler system. Kahi's advanced asset tracking software offers unparalleled protection and fleet maintenance while giving you a deeper understanding of your business.


Coming Soon


Kahi Vehicle Gateway

Are you looking for basic vehicle tracking but also want the convenience of tracking assets? Or maybe you have a large fleet and want to save on costs? Kahi's latest vehicle gateway is the perfect solution for companies that may already have a GPS service provider but still need to track their equipment.

Kahi Trailer Gateway

Designed specifically for storm chasers and those handling large loss operations, Kahi’s upcoming vehicle gateway is coming soon. Picture it as a "mobile warehouse" swiftly deploying resources to tackle storms – handling large-scale losses will be nothing but a breeze! And that's not all, we have an array of cutting-edge environmental sensors, robust GPS trackers, and even a mobile app in the works. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!




Kahi Hardware Solutions

Kahi Fixed Warehouse Gateway

The Kahi Fixed Gateway is strategically installed at your warehouse location, enabling seamless beacon scanning for your assets even when they are safely nestled at home.

Kahi-Enabled Raven

The Kahi-Enabled Raven is an innovative dash cam that captures the action happening in front and behind your vehicle. By seamlessly connecting to the OBD port, this cutting-edge device provides an array of features that go beyond just recording footage.

The device provides instant updates on the vehicle's diagnostics and driver performance, offering valuable insights and detailed reports.

While in motion, the device actively searches for Kahi Beacons and provides real-time updates on location, allowing you to stay informed as your assets deploy and demobilize from various sites.

NEW! Kahi Vehicle Gateway

Our Vehicle Gateway offers enhanced asset protection at a more affordable cost than anything else on the market.

Focused on protecting your assets, the Mobile Gateway is a camera-less GPS-driven tracking system that can easily be installed in your vehicles. Functioning in the same Kahi ecosystem that you know and love, our new gateway is equipped with improved features at our lowest startup cost yet.

COMING SOON! Kahi Trailer Gateway

Coming soon, Kahi's trailer gateway is specifically designed for storm chasers and large loss operations. It can be best described as a "mobile warehouse" that efficiently deploys assets to tackle storms. With our cutting-edge environmental sensors, robust GPS trackers, and an innovative mobile app, we have plenty more to offer. Say goodbye to the challenges of large losses!

core collective 23 logo transparent-white

Visit us at Collective by Core Conference (booth 206) August 30th-September 1st 2023 to get 10% off your purchase
Use promo code: core23 at checkout

Promo valid from Sep 6th 8am, until Oct 9th, midnight

Now fully integrated with:

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"We’ve been utilizing Kahi for a little over a year and have yet to lose a piece of equipment. I love how it works hand in hand with Encircle. The beacon batteries last forever too. Outstanding product. Great customer service too."


Josh Winton

"Out with the old, in with the new! My restoration team and I are super pumped to swap out our existing asset beacons with these smaller, more impressive beacons from my friends at Kahi. If you’re not familiar with Kahi, they are an innovative company with one focus - a smarter, simpler way to manage assets. I think my favourite part about their company is that it’s being lead by a restoration professional. I mean, who knows our struggles more than one of our own?"


Blake Craft

"Best thing my company has done!! We will never lose or leave a piece of equipment at a job site again. Highly recommend and cannot say enough about this product."


Joe Ercolano

Ready to supercharge your field operations?

✓ Keep track of where your assets are without manual tracking
✓ Provide near-live updates of fleet availability and job capacity
✓ Improve workflow and decision making
✓ Integrate with job management accounting, and other software systems