In this video Kahi CEO Kevin Dooley talks about how the pressures of overhead costs led him to create his automated asset management software. Kevin and Disaster Podcaster host, Klark Brown, discuss the cost based pressures that small businesses face and the ways Kahi spares companies from overhead costs through organization and efficiency. 

Klark Brown: You obviously saw a need for better telemetrics, tracking and asset management and it's probably what caused you to brain child Kahi. 

Kevin Dooley: Yeah absolutely. I kind of got forced into becoming a tech minded operator. I'm working on a pretty healthy fraction of the job when we're working with other contractors. At the end of the day through my other businesses we have the same overheads. I pay my guys as good if not better than many restoration companies. My fuel, my trucks, my rent, all things are considered equal, if not more in many instances. The only thing I could do in order to leave a lot of money on the table for the contractor that's hiring us is to figure out my SG&A costs. I know you know this but for many years most companies just threw more humans at the problem. They just added another admin or added another PM. For us, I didn't have that luxury. I needed to get pretty proactive in finding tools and technology that can automate processes from time capture to equipment tracking, to my accounting. It's been over a decade now and I've really dialed it in on that side. Our billing is automated and our job costing is automated. On the equipment side of things you have tens of thousands of pieces of equipment and the solutions that are out there are cost prohibitive. When you're charging a per asset per month, SASS model, most companies, especially ours, can afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to know where their stuff is.

Post by Kahi
October 10, 2023