In this video, Kahi's CEO Kevin Dooley talks to Andy Jacob from DotCom Magazine about the insurance benefits of using Kahi. Kevin shares how Kahi's up-to date and accurate asset documentation protects contractors from false insurance claims by streamlining asset management.  


Andy Jacob: Kevin, when we think about your clients, they make money by producing claims which is an important part of their business. I would imagine your system allows your clients to have an understanding of what they need to do to make a claim. So really, you're helping your clients make money with the system. Isn't that right?

Kevin Dooley: Essentially yes, within the confines of the restoration industry, but it can really be applied to any field service business that has mobile assets. In the restoration space a significant portion of the costs related to the claim and the recovery process is the equipment. The equipment that's deployed to dry out the building, to filter the air, to decontaminate, whatever the case may be. There's also many different stakeholders involved in the process from insurance companies to a fortune 500 risk manager. Obviously on the asset owner side the restoration company in this instance need to document well and they need to document accurately. They need to demonstrate and provide transparency to the insured or ultimately whoever's paying the bill, that indeed these assets were there and this is how these assets behaved. Then from there they need to help settle the claim so that the service provider gets paid and the insured gets indemnified.

Post by Kahi
November 2, 2023